Empower your workforce to accomplish any manual process without mistakes
Step up your operations by embracing digital work instructions and Augmented Reality (AR)

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Empower your workforce to accomplish any manual process without mistakes

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ZERO DEFECTS Operator Guidance

One comprehensive software suite

Award-winning operator guidance solution
Everything you need to guide workers and track human performance

Operator Guidance

Connection & integration

Human Performance Traceability

operator guidance

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Operator Guidance


Connection & integration


Human Performance Traceability

Zero Defects operator guidance

1 Comprehensive Software

3 modules

AUGMENTED REALITY | Ultimate process navigation

Augmented Reality is now transforming human operations.
Give your operators the ultimate peace of mind by projecting visual instructions straight onto the workstation and track any handlings. As the process runs hands-free, it’s the most intuitive and immersive control system guaranteeing first-time-right.

VISION TRACKING | Overcome the limits of the human eye

Increase accuracy and reliability of human processes through the use of scientific-grade camera systems. Ansomatic ensures the right execution of tasks by verifying the exact position or inspecting products (shape, colour,…). Thanks to the automated inspection capabilities, handlings are locked in case of misalignment or wrong action taking.

DIGITAL INSTRUCTIONS | First leap in building a digital factory

Paper manuals and protocols are fully digitized, creating one straightforward view with step-by-step based work instructions. With Ansomatic, procedures and documentation are digital for easier use, better understanding and quicker updates.
It ensures standardization and guarantees knowledge transfer so no info gets lost.

Zero defects process guidance

A wide spectrum of applications

Workflow procedures

Workflow procedures

Manage complexity of diverse processes and increase overall productivity by eliminating human errors. 

Operator doing a tightening


Install error-proofing disciplines to streamline and monitor fastening activities.



Reduce skill gap by providing training on the job and support new hires or temporary workers to get up to speed. 

Guy doing maintenance job

Maintenance & Repair

Shorten repair and maintenance cycles by increasing the likelihood to solve problems on the first intervention.

Preforming a pre-trip inspection on a truck,Concept preventive m

Inspection & Audit

Get real-time insights into operations performance. Ensure workforce safety through inspector based credential management.

Kitting & picking

Kitting & Picking

Increase speed of operations and accuracy by ensuring right part picking.

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Ansomatic | Operator Guidance

  • Proprietary developed software
  • Supporting our customers in digitally
    transforming their operations
  • Co-developed and intensively
    tested with operators and engineers


  • Established player in providing top-notch assembly solutions
  • From simple to most critical operations
  • Wide range of products: from
    fastening tools, cobot integration to fully adapted ergonomic solutions






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Years experience in critical assembly


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