Why Pulsing Technology is revolutionizing DC Tooling landscape

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Assembly Tip

The benefits of a "Torque to Yield Tightening" strategy

Avoid Injuries and limit the reaction force

Reaction force limitation

Assembly workers using handheld powered tightening tools are repetitively subjected to reaction loads. Direct Drive tools create a reaction into the operators’ hands because the tools’ motor directly connects to the output shaft. The operator absorbs a “kick-back” from the tool when it delivers torque to the fastener. 

To avoid operator discomfort or injuries, we recommend not to use Direct Drive tools above certain thresholds (without the use of a reaction arm)

  • Straight tool :  ~2Nm
  • Pistol tool:       ~10Nm
  • Angle tool:      ~50Nm

ESTIC - Patented pulsing technology

Estic patented “Pulse” technology reduces the reaction force to a minimum during tightening job.

Thanks to ESTIC’s patented motor control system, pulse fastening technology has achieved an unprecedented reduction in reaction forces.

What’s more, the tool’s ergonomic design and advanced pulse fastening technology allow for single-handed operation in certain situations, dramatically reducing the strain placed on the operator.

Estic Pulsing Technology
Estic Pulsing Technology