Pulsing technology – Avoid injuries and limit reaction load

Assembly workers using handheld powered tightening tools are repetitively subjected to reaction loads. Direct Drive tools create a reaction into the operators’ hands because the tools’ motor directly connects to the output shaft. The operator absorbs a “kick-back” from the tool when it delivers torque to the fastener.



ESTIC - patented pulsing technology

Estic patented “Pulse” technology reduces the reaction force to a minimum during tightening job.

Thanks to ESTIC’s patented motor control system, pulse fastening technology has achieved an unprecedented reduction in reaction forces. 

ESTIC - unique positioning with angle tools

Direct Drive Tools generate too much reaction force above 50Nm (depending on the joint) to endure. As operator safety and health is a major concern, pulse tools are an excellent solution. ESTIC offers a unique range of angle tools for several applications: 


·  EH2-H1070-A : 70Nm angle tool   – free speed 1500 (!) rpm

·  EH2-H2100-A : 100Nm angle tool – free speed 1125 (!) rpm

·  EH2-H2140-A:  140Nm angle tool – free speed 753 rpm