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Industry Challenges

The automotive industry has been exposed to a fair share of disruptions from the rise of autonomous cars, electrifications to shared mobility.

Modern automotive plants need to produce big batches of high-quality products while meeting tight deadlines to keep up with ever-increasing market demands. The future of automotive is digital and will take automation and quality assurance to the next level.


Our solution

AR tool

Operator Guidance Software

Using Ansomatic, you will be able to increase accuracy on the shopfloor by guiding operators through step-by-step based instructions making technical knowledge directly accessible. Due to looming shortage of skilled operators, multi-deployable teams are more crucial than ever. And AR offers the opportunity to understand visually what will be difficult to convey in words alone, thus to keep your workers engaged and focused on task completion, without any additional training. On top, all handlings are tracked and info is readily available in order to detect potential problem spots in time.


Ansomatic is able to cope with a high degree of variety and complexity delivering customized augmented instructions for assembly processes, part picking, inspection, maintenance and training.

Auto tooling

Assembly Solutions

Ansomat is serving for years several automotive manufacturers  (Nissan, Toyota, Jaguar Land Rover, GM,…) and Tier1 suppliers. Ansomat delivered fastening solutions for tons of assembly applications & semi-finished products like engines, gearboxes, axles, car seats,… and many more.

That is why our customers trust us in delivering and implementing robust and innovative assembly solutions. Whether it’s a turnkey solution with Ansomatic, or an integration with a cobot, we believe we bring  a level of specific and valued expertise that is unmatched.