Ansomat won the BLCC Golden Bridge Award in category “Best Tech Company”

We are proud to announce that Ansomat has won the BLCC Golden Bridge awards in category “Best Tech company exporting or trading to UK”

The Golden Bridge Award is presented annually to the most successful Belgian and Luxembourg companies exporting to or trading in the UK, in either the service or manufacturing sector

blcc award

Ansomat was founded in 1996 and initially focused on bespoke assembly tightening solutions for the Belgian manufacturing market. As Belgium’s automotive industry became heavily contested, Ansomat decided to broaden its horizons and create a new company operating in the United Kingdom.


Slowly but surely we started to secure our first key accounts in the UK. However in order to continuously grow and not plateau we began to diversify our portfolio by investing in new innovative technologies. With the entrance of the digital era, our customers demanded better operator guidance, process accuracy and traceability of human operations. Therefore in 2016, we launched our propriety operator guidance software “Ansomatic”, in a bid to eradicate human error from manual processes. The catalyst to grow Ansomat from a classic entrepreneurial business to a high-tech company investing in groundbreaking technologies such as augmented reality, machine vision and RFID. A bold move, but the benefits of the system became apparent almost immediately for several leading British manufacturers.

“Winning this prestigious award is a reflection of hard work and dedication. It proves that our mission of error proofing manual processes with a strong focus on ease-of-use, efficiency and human traceability is a winning one.”

John Van Parys – CEO