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The entire food value chain (from food processing to restaurant operations) is constantly under pressure to deliver more safe, healthy and personalized nutrition. Digitizing cooking or food processing instructions create new expectations to keep up with the ever-changing consumer demands.

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Most restaurant operators are seeking ways to increase profitability and efficiency whilst attracting motivated staff. As an example, Ansomatic allows to digitize any cooking instruction or recipe and presents instructions on the spot in the right sequence to the cook or trainee. By monitoring handlings and condititions like plate temperature, you can be assured that the recipe has been followed properly without any surprises. Jobs will become less stressful, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and reduced waiting times.


The food processing industry is still not 100% automated and is looking to technologies to support humans to do their jobs better. Ansomatic is a perfect fit when you are seeking ways to guide operators flawlessly through a production process. 


Ansomatic allows to get full transparency & traceability when training staff (amateurs or professionals) and reveals potential problem spots.