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In the race for more productivity and efficiency, the only sensible approach to assembly production is a human-centric one. At Ansomat, we believe that human-focused assembly is achievable for every manufacturer. 


For manufacturing organizations, striving for increased performance, higher
output, and less defects is an ever ongoing battle. Fortunately, in the past
decades, conventional automation techniques have allowed manufacturers to
achieve great efficiency gains.


However, process automation has its limits. There is still an important
amount of manual work that needs to be done that cannot be left to machines. A
great number of tasks are not simple routine work but subtle operations where
humans’ dexterity, informal expertise, and tacit knowledge are indispensable. 


Human-centric assembly


Reaching higher performance and productivity for this type of work is not just a matter of completing tasks faster. Organizations realize that there are limits to human capabilities and intelligence. No company wants its workforce to be the next Charlie Chaplin in Modern times. Especially in a market where there is an acute shortage of skilled labor, employers have been putting more focus on a human-centric assembly line, where everything is done to keep the workforce happy and healthy. Ergonomic workplaces, hazard prevention and operator well-being are at the center of attention.


At the same time, digital transformation and digitized assembly lines are continuously challenging our operators’ knowledge capabilities. As digital technologies are constantly changing, the call for appropriate operator training has never been louder.


Step up your game


Implementing a human-focused operations plant is not a matter of ripping off a band-aid and starting from scratch. Instead, it can be achieved by taking one step at a time, allowing companies to scale with their needs and keep costs under control.


At Ansomat we know manufacturing by listening closely to the market’s needs, we discovered a growing need for traceability and error-proofing manual operations.

As a result our flagship software solution Ansomatic was born, helping to automate human-centered processes.


This innovation enabled us to come up with a combined offering of modular assembly hardware and process control software. These solutions are available through a three-part, stepwise approach, from standard to advanced. Our mission is to deliver a human-centered solution tailored to every assembly challenge. 

Ansomatic proprietary - software for zero-defects process guidance

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As a first step in your digital transformation, Ansomatic helps you to digitize your procedures and documentation for easier use, understanding and upgrading.

By means of vision tracking, we can verify object positions, inspect product qualities, or block a manual operation in case of misalignment.

Ansomatic allows you to project visual instructions onto the workstation according to the tracked operator actions, making a process highly intuitive and error-free.

Integrated Assembly Solutions

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We advise our customers on the most suitable fastening tools for their projects. 

We provide tailor-made constructions for enhanced operator ergonomics and safety in production environments.

Ansomat is continuously evaluating cobot and other technologies to help you increase your operational productivity and efficiency

Let’s start your human-centric journey today


Got an assembly challenge? Let’s turn your ideas and our expertise into practical projects. Based on our many years of built up knowledge, we can support you with any assembly challenge you may have. We listen to your needs, we propose technologies that can improve your results, and we come up with a plan to achieve your goals within your budget and timeline.

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