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Industry Challenges

Regardless the scale or type of business, manufacturing companies are pushed to explore new technologies for future growth. Augmented Reality (AR) is a great emerging technology offering a helping hand to overcome the future challenges. Even though AR might seem a little daunting or futuristic, its implementation is more present and accessible than you think. It starts with seeing the possibilities to create the pathways for tomorrow' operations.

One thing is for sure, the digital enablement of frontline workers will become more important than ever. It's exactly where humans meet machines to help them do their jobs better.


Our solution

Operator Guidance Software

Ansomatic is a proven software platform which supports any industry with a wide variety of their operational challenges. Workers are flawlessly guided through the process with the aid of paperless or visual AR-based work instructions. As nowadays companies are facing a looming shortage of skilled labor, Ansomatic facilitates training-on-the-job to make your workers broadly oriented and employable.  


All actions are logged and the data is presented in dashboards to use as a springboard for continuous improvement.

Thanks to the user-friendly interface, you can create your project – simple or more complex – without any programming knowledge.

Assembly Solutions

Ansomat has advised hundreds of manufacturing companies on their assembly challenges. We believe,  that thanks to this wealth of deep industry knowledge, we bring  a level of specific and valued expertise that is unmatched.


Whether you are looking for basic tooling, to smart DC corded tools or wrenches to fully integrated high end fastening solutions, we have you covered.