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Cognex and Ansomatic valued partnership Delighted to announce some exciting news. Ansomat is embarking on a valued partnership with the market leader in vision systems: Cognex. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey, opening doors

Sustainability, Digital Transformation, Diversity&Inclusion, Employee Empowerment and Safety are definitely designated as megatrends in many publications. In this article you will learn how digital work instructions contribute to a solid business case on all fronts. 1.      Sustainability

We are proud to announce that Ansomat has won the BLCC Golden Bridge awards in category “Best Tech company exporting or trading to UK” The Golden Bridge Award is presented annually to the most successful Belgian and Everybody has a gut feeling on what is the weak spot in the process, but most factories lack data of human handlings. Nowadays companies get more acquainted with IoT for asset management or machine health monitoring. Imagine a tool that would enable us to do our jobs fully tailored to our individual needs, so we  Never feel bored because it goes too slow Never feel guilty because it goes beyond our level Mobile devices are no longer a consumer device only. As they became more affordable they are being increasingly used in production environments. Instead of AR or pc-based work instructions, Ansomatic has developed an App to pick up, Visuals are universal and tell more than a thousand words. On top, visual information sticks better as graphics draw the attention. Thanks to AR-based instructions, complex tasks become comprehensive and accessible to anyone leading to zero Despite having good intentions, some mistakes are almost inevitable, but the results can be disastrous. By using digital work instructions with a vision system, the accuracy of operations is drastically improved as manual actions are monitored Ansomatic digital work instruction platform, is a pc-based solution and encompasses a wide spectrum of functionalities, such as: Integration with any tool (of any brand) or business system Real-time feedback fastening results Ability to show video’s, Assembly workers using handheld powered tightening tools are repetitively subjected to reaction loads. Direct Drive tools create a reaction into the operators’ hands because the tools’ motor directly connects to the output shaft. The operator absorbs