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Industry Challenges

Nowhere else than in aerospace industry is excellent quality paramount. Delivering high quality products is vital to customers’ safety and satisfaction. Not only is intensive testing required which drives up the cost, but also massive investment goes into operations and maintenance to manage fleets of aircraft or jet engines in peak operating conditions. The processes in place to produce and test finished products and keep equipment up and running are rather complex and often lack automation.

Without any doubts, implementing digital transformation strategies will remain primordial for aerospace companies in seeking an edge over competition.


Our solution

Operator Guidance Software

In the context of today’s intricate large aircraft, comprising millions of components, the potential for errors is evident. Therefore, aviation OEMs strive to enhance overall efficiency by minimizing human errors.


Ansomatic offers a pragmatic and cost-effective platform, supporting workers in navigating complex risk and regulatory environments. Even less experienced workers can receive training, information, and protection, ensuring accuracy from the outset.


Moreover, complete traceability of manual tasks guarantees a comprehensive understanding of the assembly process, from individual parts to the finished product. Every action is meticulously recorded at each stage, facilitating the identification of any weaknesses in the process. Above all, Ansomatic adeptly handles a high degree of variety and complexity, delivering tailored (augmented) instructions for assembly, part selection, inspection, maintenance, and training processes.


Above all – Ansomatic is able to cope with a high degree of variety and complexity delivering customized (augmented) instructions for assembly processes, part picking, inspection, maintenance and training processes.


Ansomat is recognized as a turnkey solution provider centered around manufacturing business challenges. The complexity of aerospace processes are not to be taken lightly and during decades, Ansomat has built a solid expertise in delivering innovative and wide-ranging fastening solutions. 


As most components require to withstand extreme shock and vibrations, sophisticated and complex assembly projects don’t shy us away. Some examples include assembly of wings, jet boosters, cabin seats and many more.