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Autocraft's groundbreaking EV Battery Service Center relying on Ansomatic digital guidance solution

Revolutionizing EV battery service concept

Autocraft is taking electrification to new heights with their “EV battery repair mobile van” concept. A containerized on-the-road solution that is deployed on premise to test, repair and remanufacture EV Battery Packs through the aid of Ansomatic Digital Guidance Platform.  

They designed semi-permanent and fully mobile containerized solutions for EV battery pack testing, repair and remanufacture. The service vans can be easily deployed at super-dealerships or Vehicle Recycling Centers to safely test and discharge packs before dismantling for recycling. These can be installed individually or in modular solutions perfect for customers dealing with significant volumes of failed EV battery packs from a range of vehicle manufactures.

Deal with any battery pack and secure quality of operations

The system is compatible with all vehicle battery packs and processes are fully digitized for each and every pack through the aid of Ansomatic digital guidance solution.

Technicians are guided through each and every step with real-time feedback on correctness of execution. Visual instructions are projected straight onto the workstation to create most intuitive work environment. This to secure quality of each and every action in order to achieve operational excellence every single time.

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