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User Management

New models of training, credentialing and learning regardless competence level

User Management

Skill Matrix

Create personal experience based on skill level

User Management

Define user rights and set up management flows

Voice Guidance

Assist workers through voice-guided instructions

Language preference

Accomodate multi-cultural workforce

Bridging the skill gap in manufacturing is crucial for growth and competitiveness. Providing traditional training is one thing but it can be time-consuming and sometimes lacks engagement. But what are the pathways and technologies for accommodating different skill levels?



Fortunately, Ansomatic enables you to implement the skill matrix capturing greater productivity and efficiency gains at all competence levels.  


How it works

  • Define operator skill level and qualification for each station or model
  • Give less experienced operators the guidance they need tailored to their skill level. They will see more (detailed) steps or explanation with visual prompts (video, pictures,.. )
  • Allow more experienced workers to skip steps or focus on bare essence
  • Track when skills needs to be re-certified

Managing user access to IT systems is a fundamental security essential for any manufacturer. Ansomatic enables you to define what each role or individual user is allowed to do.


How it works

  • Define users settings who is capable or allowed of doing what during assembly (administrator, foreman, operator)
  • Verify user rights through RFID or batch scanning
  • Ability to log user ID’s for traceability purpose
  • Notifications are sent automatically when something goes wrong

We all absorb information differently. Some learn visually while others prefer auditory sources. In fact, 30% of the population learns best through hearing.


Ansomatic voice guidance functionality describes what is happening on the screen through audio. It helps to improve focus, pay better attention and eventually have a better comprehension.


How it works

  • Activate with one button click
  • Multiple language option

Following instructions in a foreign language can have a negative impact on information absorbation and learning.

Native-language instructions are crucial to optimize performance and secure quality of operations. Ansomatic offers the ability to auto-translate instructions into more than 27 languages


How it works

  • Mass auto-translation
  • Review technical terminology
  • Able to set in 27 languages


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