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operator guidance

Operator guidance through all its facets.

Import instructions

Import current (excel-based) instructions

01 | Operator Guidance

Operator guidance

Digital work instructions

Paperless factory

Create a paperless factory and guide workers through any manual process by the aid of digital step-based work instructions.

Flexible production

Gear up high-mix-low-volume production processes by transferring the right information at the right time and give workers real-time feedback during process execution.

Build instructions at scale

PC-based instructions give the ability to guide operators, build instructions or training programs and check results from the same device.

Mobile or tablet-based work instructions


Accessible from anywhere

Not all use cases benefit from static operator guidance solutions on a pc-screen or through visual projections (AR) and require a mobile solution. Especially when assembling larger parts or when working in hard-to-reach areas.

Information at your fingertips

Ansomatic Companion App allows to have essential information at your fingertips and to submit feedback instantly. 

One device for instructions, barcode scanning, photo taking

There is no need to use barcode scanners as the camera of the phone or tablet is used to scan barcodes to identify variants along with taking pictures to proof the quality of performance at all times.

Projected work instructions (AR)

Utlimate immersive experience

Projected (AR- based) work instructions is the most intuitive and immersive operator guidance system for zero defects manufacturing. Workers just need to « follow the lights » , and as a result work faster and smarter.

Ease training-on-the-job

Rather than pulling operators into artificial classrooms, manufacturers organize training straight on the shopfloor. As visual information sticks better, learner confidence is increased operators need less supervision and training time is drastically reduced.

Camera checks (Smart Sensors, Machine Vision)

Monitor human handlings and reveal the invisible

Where digital work instructions facilitate to do the right things, is where supervised work instructions empower operators to do the things right. Camera’s help to increase execution reliability, safety and accuracy and serve as a second eye to validate and correct human actions. 

The right camera for your application

Different camera’s such as smart sensors or vision systems do exist to detect operator hands, verify object positions, inspect products or block manual operations in case of wrong action taking. Ansomatic helps in identifying the right camera technology for your application.

Custom instructions

Skill Matrix

Ansomatic offers the ability to show fully customized instructions based on worker’s skill levels, experience and language preference. Low-skilled workers are guided using much richer instructions potentially enabled through AR or voice guidance. Seasoned workers will only get to see most crucial steps of the assembly. Consequently, platform adoption across the workforce is ensured.

Automate skills acquisition

Skill acquisition or degradation is automated based on past performance to ensure skills are always up-to-date.

Other features

Voice Guidance

Assist workers through voice-guided instructions

Language preference

Auto-translation in +27 languages

User Management

Define user rights and set up management flows

Central Library

Central repository of all instructions with mass updates

Instruction Management

Easily build work instructions at scale

Moving objects

Projections are adjusted if object is moving

Computers have become an important part of how companies conduct business. As a result, pc’s are the most standard form for displaying step-based work instructions in the field.


Ansomatic runs on standard pc’s for creating and managing instructions but also to present instructions to users. 


How it works

  • All models are build and managed through Ansomatic running on pc
  • Step-based instructions are shown to the operator at the right time within the process

Projected (AR- based) work instructions is the most intuitive and immersive operator guidance system guaranteeing first-time-right. By projecting step-based instructions straight onto the employee’s work surface, operators can fully concentrate on what needs to be done by presenting the right visuals at the right time.

  • Link any type of projector to a pc
  • “Enable” projector in Ansomatic
  • Add visuals add indicating x,y positions
  • You are all set to run instructions

PC touch screens are not ideal for use as an operator interface in factory environments. They are a fragile and expensive tool when frequent interaction with the operator is required.


In case operators wear gloves, the interaction via touchscreen becomes even more difficult. A cost-efficient alternative solution is a streamdeck


How it works

  • A compact input device with (6) customizable physical buttons (LCD lights), to confirm or control actions during the assembly sequence
  • Actions: go back, go forth, skip a step,  open results, exit, .. 
  • Feedback: show step number (out of total), show current bolt (out of total), give a value input,..

The growing trend of mass customization (smaller batches at lower volume) has led to an increased adoption of barcode scanners to identify and track products.

However, wireless barcode scanners appear to be pricey, our Android App is an ideal cheap alternative. 

On top, increased usage and familiarity of smartphones has made this device a true companion, especially with younger generations


How it works

  • Android based solution working in conjuction with Ansomatic station
  • Uses integrated camera to scan barcode
  • Give input: value, text,..
  • Get feedback: results step completion,..
  • Works with speech recognition


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