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Ansomatic in the spotlight

PC touch screens are not ideal for use as an operator interface in factory environments. They are a fragile and expensive tool when frequent interaction with the operator is required.


In case operators wear gloves, the interaction via touchscreen becomes even more difficult. A cost-efficient alternative solution is a streamdeck


How it works

  • A compact input device with (6) customizable physical buttons (LCD lights), to confirm or control actions during the assembly sequence
  • Actions: go back, go forth, skip a step,  open results, exit, .. 
  • Feedback: show step number (out of total), show current bolt (out of total), give a value input,..
Android app

The growing trend of mass customization (smaller batches at lower volume) has led to an increased adoption of barcode scanners to identify and track products.

However, wireless barcode scanners appear to be pricey, our Android App is an ideal cheap alternative.


On top, increased usage and familiarity of smartphones has made this device a true companion , especially with the younger generations


How it works

  • Android-based digital work instruction solution
  • Use built-in camera to scan barcodes and take pictures
  • Give input: value, text,..
  • Get feedback: results step completion
  • Enabled through speech recognition