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User Management

Define user rights and set up management flows

Complete Human Analytics

KPI dashboards to give full visibility and clarifies the “why” of human mistakes.

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PC touch screens are not ideal for use as an operator interface in factory environments. They are a fragile and expensive tool when frequent interaction with the operator is required.


In case operators wear gloves, the interaction via touchscreen becomes even more difficult. A cost-efficient alternative solution is a streamdeck


How it works

  • A compact input device with (6) customizable physical buttons (LCD lights), to confirm or control actions during the assembly sequence
  • Actions: go back, go forth, skip a step,  open results, exit, .. 
  • Feedback: show step number (out of total), show current bolt (out of total), give a value input,..
Android app

The growing trend of mass customization (high mix, low volume) has led to an increased adoption of barcode scanners to identify and track products.

However, wireless barcode scanners appear to be pricey, our Android App is an ideal cheap alternative to scan barcodes or take pictures.


On top, mobile devices are no longer a consumer device only. As they became more affordable they are being increasingly used in production environments.



How it works

  • Android-based digital work instruction solution
  • Use built-in camera to scan barcodes and take pictures
  • Give input: value, text,..
  • Get feedback: results step completion
  • Enabled through speech recognition

We are in the middle of a work revolution where companies are struggling to attract and retain talent. One frustration resides in the fact that tools and development programs aren’t designed with the employee in mind.


Many operators feel frustrated with impersonal tools or content that isn’t tailored to them.

The only way operators will thrive is to adopt a much more personalized and flexible approach to digital work instructions. 


Thanks to a new skill management tool integrated within Ansomatic, business will take operations performance to the next level.

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How it works

  • Skill Matrix – ansomatic provides a tool to visualize skills and link them to users. 
  • Automate skill acquisition – skill levels are automatically adjusted based on past performance
  • Automate training course delivery – step-based training courses can be set up and linked to skill requirements. 
human analytics

Industry 4.0 focuses heavily on how to capture data from machines, but data from human actions are left out of the equation.


Although humans have a significant disadvantage: they introduce high amount of variability. People can be tired, easily distracted or fall ill while machines can continue to perform 24/7. Unfortunately this opens the door for unexpected defects or worst case – production recalls.


Improving data visibility on human tasks will empower manufacturers to find improvement opportunities beyond machines.

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