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Human factory analytics

Factories need people analytics to achieve sustainable success

Considering a study of Kearny – Humans perform nearly 3 out of 4 tasks on the factory floor . However their performance is almost invisible for factory analytics. Industry 4.0 focuses heavily on automation and how to capture data from machines, but humans are left out of the equation.  Despite, humans will continue to contribute the majority of value in manufacturing operations because humans can innovate, machines don’t.

Although humans have a significant disadvantage too: they introduce high amount of variability and uncertainty. People can be tired, easily distracted or fall ill while machines can continue to perform 24/7. Unfortunately this opens the door for unexpected defects or worst case – production recalls.

Improving data visibility on human tasks will empower manufacturers to find improvement opportunities beyond machines.

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Ansomatic tracks all human activities by automatically capturing operator results for each and every step in a work instruction. To guarantee full traceability, itt offers a comprehensive structure to collect data across a wide range of parameters.

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It’s easy to lose track of what really matters when you have tons of data available.

Ansomatic provides real-time intelligent insight dashboards as input for immediate action taking.

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The ultimate dream of many manufacturers is to predict operator drop-out or potential mistakes and its impact on costs. Real-time KPI dashboards will give full visibility of what went wrong and will guide you to understand the “why” of human mistakes. It helps analyzing variability of human tasks and highlights issues to be addressed. 

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Each operational process has their own characteristics. Ansomatic provides the right template depending on the metrics you want to track.

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How many mistakes compared to target are made?

Over time, per skill level, across workstations

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What type of human mistakes are made?

Torque error, vision error, wrong input value,

How long does it take to complete job?

Over time, per skill level across workstations

  • Real-time view key metrics that indicate performance : # errors, quality issues, takt time, torque results, operator performance,…
  • You decide what you want to track, we help you out
  • Integration to Power BI
  • Track health status machinery