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Logging & Analytics

Smarter operations decisions based on data-driven insights

Logging & Analytics

Skill Matrix

Create personal experience based on skill level

Dashboard KPI's

Real-time insights: throughput, # errors, ..

User Management

Define user rights and set up management flows

Voice Guidance

Assist workers through voice-guided instructions

Language preference

Accomodate multi-cultural workforce

It has been said that the worlds most valuable resource is no longer oil but data.


Within Ansomatic all operator handlings are logged and translated into dashboards that are easy to understand thanks to intuitive data presentation. So, put your data to work to tell you what to improve.


How it works

  • Real-time view key metrics that indicate performance : # errors, quality issues, takt time, torque results, operator performance,…
  • You decide what you want to track, we help you out
  • Integration to Power BI
  • Track health status machinery