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Future-proof platform integrating with latest technologies.
Brand-agnositc tool and system connection.

Technology & connectivity

Brand-agnostic hardware integration

Brand agnostic

Ansomatic works with any smart tool, scanners, projectors, sensors,… from any brand. As machinery gets easily outdated, Ansomatic allows you to easily replace your hardware or re-use existing tools.

Widest range smart tool integration and functionality

Thanks to our long history in tightening solutions (+25 years) we understand the tools and integration needs. We track fastening results and capture the widest range of parameters during tightening jobs.


RFID tags

Make sure no tools or equipment get lost

Many factories are having trouble with thefts on jobsites or are struggling to have all their equipment stored where it should be. RFID technology helps to track all important equipment, making sure no equipment is leaving the factory after ending operator guidance.

Increase efficiency manual batch processing

RFID technology allows to confirm if all items belong to the same batch in just 1 step. Multiple items are scanned simultaneously with virtually no time lag between registering items.

Easiest way to automatically identify users

When logging in through RFID badge, the system knows all your credentials: access rights, skills, experience, language..

IoT integration

Easiest way to connect devices

MQTT messaging protocol has become the de-facto standard for connecting IoT devices supporting bi-directional messaging between several (dumb) devices. It also spurs reliable data exchange between various machines, PLCs, MES, ERP, SCADA systems and sensor through low bandwidth.

Most cost-efficient manual picking method

When using low-cost IoT sensors for your picking applications rather than using fixed camera’s, it will overcome the issue of movable, hard-to-see bin positions and it can be expanded flexibly.

Industry 4.0 Factory: Two Engineers Uses Digital Tablet Computer

Business Systems Integration (ERP, PLC,...)

Business team connect pieces of gears. Teamwork, partnership and integration concept

Any system from any brand

Whatever your IT landscape looks like, Ansomatic connects and communicates with any business system like MES, PLC, ERP,… ensuring data flows seamlessly. 


As a result, you will be able to covers a whole spectrum of use cases leveraging one platform. Ansomatic is a best-of-breed software seamlessly integrating your business processes and systems helping to reach your full potential.

Other technologies

Cloud or on premise

Operations in the cloud or on prem


Collaboration between humans and machines

Augmented Reality

Use projector technology to overlay visuals on the work area

Machine Vision

Built-in AI capability to detect mistakes or inspect products

Deep Learning

Solve complex part location, assembly verification, defect detection

03 | Integration

3D sensor, Vision

Improve accuracy handlings

Tool Integration

Fastening tools of any brand

System Integration


Cobot Integration

Collaboration between humans and machines

3D Vision

Where digital work instructions facilitate to do the right things, is where supervised work instructions empower operators to do the things right. There exists different technologies, like 3D sensors or even machine vision systems with built-in AI capability. 


Ansomatic easily integrates with both as the platform is brand ànd hardware agnostic.



How it works

  • 3D-sensor: measure the distance between the sensor and the nearest surface point by point using the time-to-flight principle.
  • Machine vision: with built-in AI capabilities can track and validate operator handlings, inspect products (shape, color, irregularities) and verify product position and change accordingly
Tool Integration

Unlike others, Ansomatic is able to integrate with any tool, any brand. Thanks to our long history in tightening solutions we understand the tools and the integration needs.


How it works

  • Set IP address and port number to communicate with smart tools
  • Add a fastening step and describe: batch size: number of bolts, job and task
System integration

Manufacturers often doubt implementing new software solutions as they have their own resources and systems.

Ansomatic is capable of fully integrating with legacy systems (ERP, PLC, MES,..), so you don’t need to change existing systems and infrastructure whilst implementing ansomatic.


How it works

  • TCP/IP communication through IP address and port number

Cobots are collaborative robots that are designed to work with humans, taking the advantage of unique skills and benefits of both.


Ansomatic has experience with several cobot integration to increase operator efficiency and ergonomics


How it works

  • Make a cobot move to the specified position
  • Send signal: send an IO signal using the robot PLC
  • Await signal: await signal in robot PLC


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