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Industrial Scalability

Manage, create, update instructions at scale

01 | Digitize Instructions

Central Library

Central repository of all instructions

Instruction Management

Easily build work instructions at scale

Import instructions

Import current (excel-based) instructions

Cloud or on premise

Operations in the cloud or on prem

Central Library

When you are up for a great drive and start to have multiple stations running with digital work instructions, you want to make them widely accessible. Especially when you have to deal with thousands of variants it seems tough to manage the instruction sets.


Within Ansomatic, all instructions are stored in a central library and easily accessible or searchable.  


How it works

  • Central navigation menu with all models built
  • Demo license of Ansomatic enables you to test and run all your models built offline
digital work instructions

As the pace of new product introductions accelerate, having the flexibility to efficiently create new models or variants and easily leverage instructions from one program to another will save time.


Thankfully, in Ansomatic there is the ability to easily duplicate models or parts of instruction sets. You even have the possbility to define scenario’s in case something goes wrong. 


How it works

  • Table-based configurator easy to use 
  • Copy paste part of models and import into desired model
  • Make use of sub-models (= piece of instruction set that is different from the master) to properly manage multiple variants

Quite often the question raises how difficult or time consuming it is to translate (excel-based) spreadsheets into a straightforward digital set of instructions that can be uploaded into an operator guidance system. Especially for heavier and long cycle processes with multiple variants this is a valid concern. Ansomatic has the ability to upload your instructions using standardized excel-based format


How it works

  • Import excel-based instructions using predefined template
Cloud vs on prem

Running software locally and saving information on-premise is in most of the cases still the preferred way in manufacturing environments. Ansomatic gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose whether you want to operate in the cloud or on premise. 


How it works

  • Cloud – Storage Microsoft Azure
  • On Premise – Run license on local pc, easy to transfer to another pc


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