Stress-free tightening for enhanced productivity at Aisin


Aisin offers a wide range of products covering nearly all components that comprise the manufacturing of a vehicle. Aisin is seeking to pursue excellence in production technology and acknowledges investing in digital transformation will allow to create an edge over competition.

For the tough and heavy assembly of powertrains, they have chosen Ansomatic as the operator helping hand, guiding them flawlessly through the assembly. Ansomatic has been implemented at 7 workstations; each representing a different step in the assembly of a motor transmission.

Challenge and initial requirement

Before using Ansomatic, we faced a significant challenge in meeting the specific requirements from Japan for tasks that demanded stress-free tightening for operators. We needed a tool that would allow operators to visualize the sequences and tightening positions using pictures, and that would ensure precise repeatability for various programmed torque settings, while also being easy to handle. Ansomatic completely met these requirements.

Overcoming the challenge with Ansomatic

Thanks to Ansomatic, we were able to overcome this challenge due to its various controlled torque settings and remarkable repeatability. Since integrating this product into our processes, we have observed several specific benefits:

Evident Return On Investment

“Thanks to the efficiency improvements enabled by optimizing our workflow automation with Ansomatic, we can deliver almost twice as many transmissions per shift”


“After nearly four years of production and various programming tasks, I can affirm that this product is exceptionally reliable. Its repeatability and robustness make it an indispensable tool for our company. I highly recommend Ansomatic to anyone looking to enhance the precision, speed and reliability of their operations.”


(Senior Engineer, Aisin)