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Since our founding in 1996, our assembly and fastening solutions have been instrumental in resolving our customers' manufacturing challenges.

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Integrated Assembly solutions

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A toolkit for any fastening project

Fastening Tools

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DC Pulsing


DC Direct Drive

DOGA low torque

Low Torque Screwdrivers


Intelligent click-and torque wrenches



Full scale construction design solutions

Ergonomics & Accessibility

Operator Ergonomics

Our ergonomic solutions are the perfect combination of proven durability and engineering perfection. They allow full-range of motion required to complete any task more efficiently and safe. Based on your requirements, we have the ability to adjust these standardized arms. In this way workers can use high torque tools more accurately, increase productivity, reduce operator fatigue and decrease the chances of injury due to strain.

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Not all components are easily accessible for tightening purposes. Examples include swing bearing or wheel loaders of an excavator or a truck cabine. Our accessibility solutions prove to be very effective in reaching the most difficult blind spots. Solutions can be fixed or mobile, with or without a smart computer for traceability.

Accessibility bulldozer
Where humans meet machines

Next Generation Techology

Car and heavy machinery are becoming smarter every day. That is why Ansomat is always looking into new technologies which supports humans in making their work easier, more accurate and less repetitive.


Robots are designed to do work in place of employees. They are used to fully automate an assembly process entirely without the help of humans on the shopfloor. In turn employees time is freed up for more meaningful and less repetitive tasks.


2 ROBOTS equipped with DC tool to accomplish speed up repetitive process


Cobots are designed to work alongside humans. They can assist operators with work that might be too dangerous or tedious to accomplish on their own. This way manufacturers create safer, more efficient workplaces without eliminating jobs.


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